William Widjaja

Welcome to the personal site of William Widjaja

Welcome visitor! My name is William. I'm pursuing a B.S in Electrical Engineering expected to be complete in 2020 and I'm happy to talk to anyone about one of the cool projects I've done below (seriously, check them out, they range from renewable energy to nanotechnology). 

Around January of 2015, I started my own software company called Convey Software (www.convey.tech) which does automated sentiment analysis and uses machine learning. We've since raised a seed round after predicting (link: Brexit) and the 2016 (link: U.S election) when many other pollsters couldn't. Some things I enjoy doing in my free time: writing, cooking, competing in chess tournaments, going to hackathons and building new things. You can get to me at: william@convey.tech or wwidjaj3@illinois.edu

Recent Projects


Natural language processor that could class words into subject, predicate, noun/verb for further processing in Python. Turned into side company. Raised significant seed round and accepted into Alchemist Accelerator
Skills: Data science, Javascript, Fundraising, Communications, Presentation

ECG Circuit

Designed, tested and built Electrocardiogram circuit on a breadboard that read a person's pulse and displayed the PQRST wave. These waves are read by physicians to diagnose heart conditions. Email me for paper and circuit schematics.
Skills: Breadboard Circuits, Analog & Digital Signal Processing, Biomedical Engineering

Pacman on an FPGA

Created Pacman on an Altera DE2 board using the Cyclone IV-e FPGA. USB keyboard controlled movement. Game logic and graphics/VGA controller code was written in SystemVerilog (VHDL) developed on Quartus. FPGAs are commonly used in industries requiring a cross between high performance and quick prototyping iterations before the permanent IC scale of manufacturing. Email me for the code and report.
Skills: Hardware/Software co-design, System On a Chip

Solar Cell Array

Simulated, set up and tested an array of solar cells with bypass diodes and a basic single axis maximum power point tracker (MPPT). This graph shows an interesting power curve with a local maxima and a better global maxima. Email me for paper and data.
Skills: Solar Cells/Photodiodes, Renewables, Power Systems Engineering

Virus Tricker

Collaborating with Biology Researchers, Nanotechnologists and Bioinformatics Specialists to develop a nanoscale device that tricks viruses into binding to the device instead of host cells. Could potentially turn some deadly viruses into a diabetes level issue. Email me for paper.
Skills: Molecular and Cellular Biology

Pacman Soundboard

Recreated the Pacman Sound bytes on a modular synth using additive sine wave synthesis and voltage controlled oscillators. 
Skills: Signal Processing, Audio Engineering, Music Theory

Furuta Pendulum

Wrote control loop code of a 3rd order transfer function on an Arduino microcontroller to control a motor to auto-balance an inverted pendulum. Feedback control pervades every industry and arguably many systems.
Skills: Control Systems, Microcontrollers, C/C++, Circuits


Android application that used phone's accelerometer to detect tremors in elevators. Front end has integrated Braintree system, back before Braintree was acquired by paypal. http://bit.ly/1OJG2mZ

Voice Singularity

Records two voices first. Identifies whose belongs to who. Then can imitate the voice of person number two by translating something said by person number 1! http://devpost.com/software/voicesingularity